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At Medlock Primary School, our curriculum is designed to recognise and celebrate the diversity of the community we serve. It provides meaningful learning experiences that enable our children to be able to actively engage with the world around them. 


Our curriculum encourages our pupils to be curious, thoughtful, active and resilient learners. It demands that children and adults love learning: to make connections, ask questions and think critically about the world they live in. 

Our curriculum ensures that every meaningful learning experience the children encounter is a stepping stone for the next stage in their education. We encourage our children to find their voices; whatever form that may take providing opportunities for self expression. It promotes the use of language. Communication through all mediums: spoken language, the written word and information technology platforms. 


At its heart our curriculum ensures pupils challenge preconceptions about the world they live in, use empathy and kindness to speak up for what is right - informed by their understanding of British Values - and better equips them to prepare for their lives beyond Medlock Primary School.

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