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সহায়তা ও পরামর্শ প্রেরণ করুন

Young people and self-harm


Information and advice for young people and their parents and carers


Levels of self-harm continues to rise amongst our young people and though a taboo subject for many, which adds to stigma and feelings of shame, we need to understand and talk about it more if we are going to find a way to support those affected, provide support at the earliest opportunity, and reduce the incidence of self-harm.


The difficulty of understanding why someone may hurt themselves and fear of making things worse can stop us engaging with this difficult issue at all.


NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care has produced information resources for young people and their parents and carers which explain why people may self-harm, how to talk about it and strategies to help young people manage their emotions before they reach a crisis, while highlighting sources of help. Please share the above information with the links below on your web sites and communications with parents and carers.


Self-harm: A Guide for Young People

Self-Harm: A guide for parents and carers


Help is available and no young person should ever suffer alone.

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