The greatest resource the school has in meeting the needs of our children is adults. It is the daily interactions between adults and children which have the most impact on learning both academically and personally. We aim for the staff team to work dynamically in order to strive for the best outcomes for the pupils of Medlock Primary School.


Mr J Brown


Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R Nutton-Jones Assistant Headteacher Miss J Scott Ms R Mirza Mrs S Williams



Mr T Shaw – IT Manager

Mrs K Hall – Office Manager

Mr M Colburn – Admin Coordinator

Mrs J Hart – Attendance Miss L Howarth – Admin Assistant



Miss L McColgan – Lead Childcare Practitioner

Miss C Place – Deputy Lead Childcare Practitioner

Miss S Ahmed – Play Worker

Miss M Devaney – Apprentice Play Worker


NURSERY 2 Teachers

Miss L McColgan – Mrs C West

Mrs A Parkinson -

Writing Lead Teaching assistant

Miss N Redmond - Mrs S Iqbal



Teachers Miss R Ainsworth - Miss K Mooney Mrs R Bannon – EYFS/PPA

Teaching assistant

Miss E Terras - Mrs D Ellison – Ms M Caton


YEAR 1 Teachers

Mrs D Lobb and Miss K White

Teaching assistant

Miss P Ryan and Mrs J Ahmad Ms C Dawson - 1:1


YEAR 2 Teachers

Miss L Moore – English Lead Miss A Brighouse

Teaching assistant

Miss J Campbell and Mrs K Anderson Miss Shah – 1:1


YEAR 3 Teachers

Miss L Duffy and Miss Z Nouri

Teaching assistant

Mrs Z Anwar - Miss L Donlon


YEAR 4 Teachers

Miss L Cliss and Miss B Fitch


Teaching assistant

Mr Z Brooks and Miss N Fawcett Miss C Hancock - 1:1


YEAR 5 Teachers

Mrs A Malik and Mrs S Williams – Miss A Brown

Teaching assistant Miss Z Hopkins – Miss C Bennett |

YEAR 6 Teachers

Mr A Mitchell - Ms R. Mirza Mrs R Rajabi-Musk - Mr M Sullivan – Mrs A Malik

Teaching assistant

Mrs M Williams - Mrs C Ikar Mrs S Grossett 1:1



Ms P O’dwyer 

Inclusion Lead Ms S Kenny  



Head of Kitchen

Mari Saide


Kitchen Staff

Yvonne Eccles - Natalie Marrett - Pauline Murray

Natalie Roxbrough - Slavka Vaysilova



Senior Lunchtime Organiser

Miss S Devaney


Mrs B Akhtar - Mrs L Nessa Mrs S Chowdhury - Mrs L Williams

Mrs B Adam - Miss L Eddleston - Miss C Thompson

Miss S Shoreman - Miss N Aldridge - Miss C Dawson



Miss L Williams - Miss V Dunn - Mr J Blake


PREMISES Caretaker

Mr Dascalu

Assistant Caretaker

Mr R Ellison


Cleaning Staff

Mr P Wimbleton - Ms E Uskans -

Mr J Reed Ms C Thompson - Miss L Eddleston - Pauline Murray

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