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Parent Information

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Zones of Regulation

Across the school, children access Zones of Regulation to support them with their emotional development. Please click on the links below to take you to the main Zones of Regulation Page, or to download our Parent Guide

Zones of Regulation

SEND Learning Spaces

Across school, we have a number of dedicated SEND spaces for children to access throughout the day. Have a look at the images and videos below. 

Calm Room:

Calm Room 2.jpeg
Calm Room 1.jpeg

The Pod:

Group Space:


Group Space 1.jpeg
SEND Learning Spaces

Pastoral Interventions

Some children access homeroom. A pastoral intervention to 



Play Therapy:


Specialist Provision Options in Manchester 

Primary Specialist Schools in Manchester

Primary Schools with Resources Provision

Transition to High School:

Secondary Mainstream Schools with Resource Provision

Moving on parent guide - Suggestions for families with a child with SEND moving to secondary school

Specialist Provsion Options

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Click the link below to access resources for parents and carers to support children and young people with their mental health, and to support their own mental health.

Mental Health

Sensory Processing Advice

Click the link below to access some information about sensory processing difficulties. The link contains information on what sensory processing difficulties are, and how you can support a child or young person with sensory processing difficulties. 

Sensory Processing
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