The Parent Governor Election 

The nominees are as follows:


Mrs Shabnam Essa


"I am hoping to help push for more technology awareness in the school as well as wellbeing. For example, to find ways in provisioning coding sessions for kids,etc  and/or to have meditation as part of the daily practice. Meditation has been scientifically proven to decrease anxiety and increase focus. I am very approachable and would love your feedback."


Miss Lucy Ellis


I'm Lucy and I'm the parent of two children who currently attend Medlock Primary School, and one who is due to start in September. I'm interested in the parent governor role as I would love to have some influence on the future of my children's school. My professional background is working in Early Years as a nursery nurse. I have been a fulltime mum for the last 6 years, and during this time I have taken on several voluntary positions. These include: Secretary and assistant treasurer for my WI, and being on several interview panels for CAMHS and Manchester Children and Parent Services, helping to recruit new assistant clinical psychologists. I believe that my experience both professionally and personally will enable me to fulfil the role of Parent Governor to a high standard, and I endeavor to give 100% to the role should I be chosen.


Miss Charlene Fiddler


I am a hardworking, emphatic mother of four. I have been an established member of the "Medlock community" for over 17 years, this began with my first born and has followed throughout up to my youngest who is currently in year 6. I believe myself to be an approachable person. This shows in my sociable and honest nature displayed during various Medlock events, e.g summer fairs, Christmas bazar's, school trips and gender playground gatherings.

I fell every child has the right to be treated with compassion, respect and fairness. I endeavour to always have every child's best interest at heart at all times. Their future dreams and aspiration deserve to be nurtured and embraced.

I aim to ensure that every child at Medlock Primary School has something to smile about every day. A smile is contagious and should be shared.


Thank you!


Mr Abdulhalim Ali Nasr.


I'm Tajweed and Tafaoul's dad.

I teach Arabic language to Many students who never speak Arabic language before at Islamic centre in Halifax, it was spicy spictacular experience between 2010 to 2012

The students there ages were between 

5years to 15 years.


From 2009 to 2012 I teach Libyan students Physics and Maths but by Arabic language at Bradford Libyan school and Huddersfield Libyan school.

Since 2016 until today I work with Foodcycle charity at deferent places in Manchester. I'm team leader at the Roby centre and I am the mean shif as well. We feed between 30 to 40 people in each centre our guests people who are Homeless and lonely.


Why I want to be you as governor because I find that I'm very flexible and calm with young students. 

With my daughters for example I like do lots of crafting to make sure that they understand the idea  

Children they love easy and fun way to give them the information which in our goal during season.

I remember for example when Tajweed she found problems to memorise 12 time tables... I did with her array with sweets  and she found it very nice and she remembered it.

I think sometimes we need to think out of the box to do good results with children.


I want to teach children by making food so they will learn new kind of food and during making food they will understand some physical things it happen during making food, the weight using the scale, and counting and understanding types of ingredients ,why we should use these ingredients(calories for example).


For me this is good chance to get new experience to work in English school and teach students who speak only English language.


I would like to teach them about Arabic culture... food, clothes, some history, sing, dance, and make them do huge beautiful journeys through the Arabic countries.

I hope I explain my ideas because I want to have new experiences with you and I want to share my ideas with you if you find it good .

Thank you so much