Our Curriculum Vision


At Medlock Primary School, our curriculum is designed to recognise and celebrate the diversity of the community we serve. It provides meaningful learning experiences that enable our children to be able to actively engage with the world around them. 


Our curriculum encourages our pupils to be curious, thoughtful, active and resilient learners. It demands that children and adults love learning: to make connections, ask questions and think critically about the world they live in. 


Our curriculum ensures that every meaningful learning experience the children encounter is a stepping stone for the next stage in their education.  We encourage our children to find their voices; whatever form that may take providing opportunities for self expression. It promotes the use of language. Communication through all mediums: spoken language, the written word and information technology platforms. 


At its heart it ensures pupils challenge preconceptions about the world they live in using empathy and kindness to speak up for what is right and find their own path.

Curriculum Intent


At Medlock, we follow our own sequenced curriculum in EYFS, scaffolded by the statutory guidance of the Early Years Curriculum and then follow the programmes of study in the National Curriculum for all subjects in years 1-6.  In mathematics, we follow the Maths No Problem scheme from Years 1-6, which meets the requirements set out in the National Curriculum. 


We believe that knowledge and skills are both vital to building understanding and so we ensure that our curriculum is knowledge engaged. Some subjects, such as Art, DT, PE and music place a greater emphasis on the development of skills but are enriched by knowledge of people and events and work of significance. In other subjects, such as science, children learn skills alongside knowledge and both are explicitly developed. New knowledge is taught first and then is enhanced by the development of skills. 


Our Curriculum is deliberately constructed to ensure that it is progressive; sequenced in such a way that it builds: within a lesson, from lesson to lesson and from year to year. Opportunities are explicitly planned for children to revisit and develop concepts and skills in subsequent years. Where possible, links are also made between and across subjects  for example in year 2’s topic on Oceans they will explore major oceans and continents of the world alongside a closer understanding of marine habitats in science as well as significant figures: Jacques Cousteau. We believe that this approach is especially important to enable learning to stick. 

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