Welcome to Nursery 2

Nursery 2 is made up of two classes with each class split into two key worker groups. The classes are as follows:
The class teacher of NAP is Mrs Parkinson with key worker Miss Iqbal.
Mrs Parkinson’s key group is called the Hedgehogs.
Miss Iqbals’ key group is called the Rabbits.

The class teachers of NMW are Miss McColgan ( Monday and Tuesday)
and Mrs West ( Wednesday Thursday and Friday ) with key worker Miss

Miss McColgan and Mrs West’s key group is called the Butterflies.
Miss Redmond’s key group is called the Ladybirds. On Wednesday afternoon the teaching staff have planning time and will be working out of class. This means that on this afternoon:
the Butterflies will be taught by Mrs Bannon and
the Hedgehogs will be taught by Miss Cain.

Nursery Spring Theme overview and organiser 2020

Nursery 2 have sports coaches who will be playing outdoor games with thechildren every Tuesday and Friday.


After the Christmas holidays they will beginto go up to the hall for movement and games lessons. The children will notneed any special PE clothes or shoes for these lessons.Please remember to send your child into school dressed appropriately for theweather ie warm coats and strong shoes and ensure that all jumpers and coatsare clearly labelled.Please feel free to come and speak to any of the staff in Nursery 2 if you haveany concerns, we are here to help.

Nursery 2 Autumn 1 Theme overview 2021 TBC
Nursery 2 Spring 2 Theme overview 2021 TBC